Mark Wickenden​ Sonic Boom Records

Composer & Music Producer, Recording, & Composition

Mark Wickenden Is a British Born Composer, Musician & Producer. Originally from Essex and has worked in the music recording industry for over 25 years.

Mark establish Academy Studio back in 2004 in Colchester, Essex. As an engineer  this was just the start of his producing career. 

Mark’s passion of the industry would see him work all day and through the night to help clients arrange, produce and perfect their sound. This was just the start of his producing career. 

Sonic Boom Music – A production House for Radio, Library & TV became a reality in 2007 with the help of creative writer Charlie Rees.  Mark built a great relationship musically with media companies such as Global, Bauer, BBC, UKRD and many more who took on his experience as a writer and producer for library and sync music.

Mark signed to Universal in 2007 as a writer and 2013 to Northstar Publishing.

In 2016 Mark moved studios to a very rural country setting in Norfolk, this is the hub for his production and mixing studio.

Here saw the birth of Sonic Boom Records and a step into the world of theatre production.

Recording, Production & Composition
Audio post-production
Record Label
Dedicated PR Department 100%

After many successful recordings and producer credits Mark launched Sonic Boom Records in 2017 with first signing David Barnes from ‘The Voice’. With 2 albums completed it has captured the attention of Grammy award winning songwriters from the US offing their compositions.

Mark is very experienced in all aspects of music production, arranging and composition. He has the skills to get the best out of you and to deliver something amazing.

Mark “I love working with those who have a passion for their music. Nothing else gives me the pleasure of working with the artist/s on developing their tracks and for them to hear the end results”

“Music is an art form and a creative process, and every project is different, and that's why I do what I do”

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